Thursday, August 1, 2013

Week 21 - Kick, Punch, Jab

Week 21
Kick, Punch, Jab

Pregnancy is feeling more and more real every day.  Now it is not just butterflies in my tummy that I think may be baby, but it is finally to the point where I can feel real kicks that are most definitely baby.  One of the greatest developments about this time period has been the excitement that the hubby and I share over feeling baby kick.  It's not unusual for us to lay in bed with both sets of hands on my tummy waiting to feel a little movement from our baby girl.  I absolutely love having this new layer to our marriage and it is a pretty special time to bond with baby too.

For this week's practice the focus is going to be a seated relaxation/meditation.  During those times when you just want baby to move and can't wait to feel another kick use this time to do more than just sit there and become impatient.  Instead this mini meditation and relaxation will help prepare you for the craziness that is labor.  Granted practicing before hand is nothing like it will be day of, but without practicing breathing and relaxation they will not come automatically during the chaos that is labor.  Anytime you would like to have a little connection with baby feel free to common back to this week's video and enjoy!

Tools for this week:
  • Bolster
Enjoy those kicks, punches, and jabs yoga mommas!  Baby is getting stronger day-by-day just like those movements in your belly :)


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